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‘A Challenging But Rewarding Job’

04 Jun 2018

Dr Luke McGhee recently appeared on Cairns 89.1FM to discuss his role as a radiation oncologist and the role of radiation therapy in modern healthcare.

A former radiation oncology registrar at – among others – Royal Brisbane Hospital, Dr McGhee currently works as radiation oncologist at Cairns Hospital.

Dr McGhee, who also works as an oncologist at the city’s Response Oncology Centre, said he enjoyed the variety involved with his job the most.

“It can be challenging but is a rewarding job,” Dr McGhee said. “We see a huge variety of situations. We see people with highly curable cancers (and) we see people who unfortunately have tumours that that we cannot  control.

“What we are aiming to do with radiation (therapy treatment) is to make their lives easier.  We see people in a variety of situations so it’s a job with highs and lows.

“I find doing some of the palliative treatment and that side of things very rewarding because patients are extremely grateful. If you can help people out in these situations it is very rewarding.”

Dr McGhee also outlined how radiation therapy works and the effects of radiation therapy during the discussion.

Dr Luke McGhee has outlined his experiences of radiation therapy and how it can help treat patients.

Clear on the link below to hear the full interview (thanks to Cairns 89.1FM for providing):

Interview Friday Free For All – Dr Luke McGee (18May18)