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‘Make Men Aware Of All Treatment Options’

“Men deserve to be aware of all treatment options.”

That was the message from Targeting Cancer Clinical Lead A/Prof Sandra Turner as she again outlined the importance of prostate cancer patients being informed of all potential treatment options.

A/Prof Turner appeared on the ABC Radio Newcastle ‘Mornings’ show with Paul Turton this week to highlight the recently launched Informed Decision Making in the Management of Localised Prostate Cancer Position Statement.

The statement, produced by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists’ Faculty of Radiation Oncology, outlines the importance of prostate cancer patients being aware of all possible treatment options – including surgery and radiation therapy – before deciding on the best course of action for them.

A/Prof Turner emphasised that the position statement does not preference one treatment over another, rather it states the need for men to have all the information from the experts  and to have support to assist them in making a decision that’s best for them.

Targeting Cancer Clinical Lead A/Prof Sandra Turner is highlighting the importance of prostate cancer patients knowing all their treatment options.

“We are really saying there are (treatment) options,” A/Prof Turner said.  “Men deserve to be informed of their choices and should see a surgeon and a radiation oncologist (as) that is the only way they can be fully informed about surgery and radiation therapy.

“The problem is that all men get to see the surgeon (as he diagnoses the cancer) but it is not routine that men see the radiation therapy specialist, the radiation oncologist.

“We were trying to raise awareness of this (and) make some calls to action so men so that men are fully aware about surgical options and radiation therapy options, which they may not know about at the moment.”

A/Prof Turner also discussed how to address the lack of awareness around radiation therapy as a cancer treatment in general, explained the difference between a radiologist and a radiation oncologist and how GPs and health specialists can help support and inform prostate cancer patients.

You can listen to the full interview here (scroll forward to the 1hr 20 secs mark).  Thanks to ABC Radio Newcastle for providing the link.

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