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How Exercise Can Help Beat Cancer

The benefits of exercise for cancer patients – whatever treatment option they have opted for – were highlighted earlier this year by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia’s Exercise in Cancer Care position statement.

Dr Abhishek Puri is a practising Radiation Oncologist at Fortis Hospital in the Indian region of Punjab. He has strong focus on brain tumours, palliation and cancer prevention and an aspiring academic and keenly explores the confluence of healthcare and technology by making mobile applications or tinkering with Telegram bots.  Dr Puri is passionate about promoting the benefits of exercise to cancer patients.

“There are significant benefits for cancer patients who exercise after their treatment,” Dr Puri said.

“While exercise is beneficial in reducing the side effects of treatment, a more lofty goal is to prevent the recurrence of cancers. Exercising together also helps in bonding with the community!

“I recommend cycling to my patients (especially those affected by breast cancer) as reducing weight will help to minimise recurrence. A stationary cycle for brain tumour-affected patients will also do wonders for their issues related to mobility.

“It’s vital we get the message out to cancer patients that exercise can help prevent a recurrence of their illness and stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”

When he’s not in the clinic or writing, Dr Puri is usually working out or cycling. He can be reached on Twitter (@radonconeuro)

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Radiation oncologist Abhishek Puri is keen to promote the value of exercise for all patients recovering from cancer treatment.