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Lex shares the beginning of his radiation therapy treatment journey

16 Dec 2020
Lex began radiation therapy at a regional centre in Queensland and talks about the multi-disciplinary team that is supporting him and his family through treatment.

Lex and Tricia have been married for 35 years. The first ever sore throat of his life and a neck lump heralded an unexpected diagnosis. Lex was diagnosed with a 4cm cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue and is undergoing radiation therapy.

Lex and Tricia have shared the beginning of their treatment journey in a new video for Targeting Cancer.

The couple live in Mackay but will be staying in Townsville – a four hour drive away from their home – for seven weeks while Lex undergoes radiation therapy.

Tricia said, “I’m actually glad that we’re not in a major city because I think that would add more pressure and stress. It’s amazing that you can get the same kind of care that you get here as you would get in a bigger city.”

Highly skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary teams work together to provide holistic care.

Radiation oncologist, Dr Madhavi Chilkuri said, “These patients require a very coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to their treatment and to have timely access to all the specialists and all the health workers that might make a difference in their outcomes, not only for cure but also for function.”

Watch Lex and Tricia’s story