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Targeting Cancer GP Education Evening Program Returns

26 Jul 2022

We are excited to announce that the Targeting Cancer GP Education Evening Program returns after two years of COVID pause. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse took the lead to host the first post-COVID GP Education evening in Sydney on 20 July 2022 as a way of supporting the Targeting Cancer Campaign.

GPs at the Targeting Cancer GP Education Evening at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

The big wet rain bomb didn’t stop GPs from attending this event. GPs came together both in person and via zoom to spend the evening with Dr Regina Tse and Dr Leily Gholamrezai who talked about radiation therapy for treating prostate cancer. Dr Georgia Harris also shared a few case studies on palliative radiation therapy.
Dr Lucinda Morris, radiation oncologist and Co-chair of Targeting Cancer Campaign, said at the evening: “I’m thrilled to restart the Targeting Cancer GP Education Evening Program in 2022 here tonight. One in two people with cancer need radiation therapy. GPs are vital in helping these patients receive the best care possible. It is important to provide GPs with information about radiation therapy and cancer treatment.”
Dr Georgia Harris, radiation oncologist and Staff Specialist Radiation Oncology, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, commented: “We’re specialised in delivering radiation oncology treatment at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse as part of a comprehensive cancer centre. Our radiation oncology department is at the forefront of cancer care and research in Australia. We’re pleased to bring GPs together to help raise awareness of radiation therapy which is a highly sophisticated, modern, and effective treatment for cancer.”

One of the GPs at the evening said: “It’s a valuable session as I’ve gained a better understanding about how radiation therapy works for cancer treatment, including the high-tech machines, the treatment process, and techniques used in the treatment process. It’s also great that we can return to face-to-face learning and connect with each other after so long.”

Since the start of Targeting Cancer Campaign, we have successfully run over 60 GP education evenings across Australia and New Zealand. The Targeting Cancer campaign is running a national program of GP-focused education evenings designed to provide information about cancer treatments, in particular radiation therapy.

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