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Innovative radiation therapy technology drives better cancer patient outcomes

Technology drives better patient outcomes

Recent advances in radiation therapy techniques and technologies have benefited many people with cancer, resulting in better control and cure of tumours, fewer side effects, shorter treatments and improved quality of life.

One example of improved outcomes with better targeting is demonstrated in the results of a randomised trial of targeting daily compared with targeting weekly when treating prostate cancer.1 The study found that targeting cancer daily significantly improves tumour control and reduces rectal toxicity.


Figure 1. A demonstration of the reduction in rectal toxicity when targeting cancer daily compared with targeting cancer weekly. From reference 1.

Building on these targeting cancer findings, an Australian-developed technology for targeting cancer continuously during treatments was investigated in a multi-centre prostate cancer trial. Continuously targeting cancer enables shorter treatments and more accurate treatments. The second study found that targeting cancer continuously ensured higher radiation target dose to the cancer target.2

Figure 2. A demonstration of the improved radiation dose coverage when targeting cancer continuously compared with targeting cancer daily. From reference 2.

The ongoing development of advanced cutting-edge radiation treatments is vital to ensure that patients receive the best possible outcomes.

Radiation oncology professionals in Australia and New Zealand are continually exploring new treatment options and participating in studies and trials that will help shape the future of treatment. It is an exciting and dynamic field of medicine with direct and obvious benefits for patients.



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