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Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Medical Director of the Cancer Society of New Zealand, Associate Professor Chris Atkinson says the Cancer Society applauds the Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer campaign. The Cancer Society has worked with Cancer Control New Zealand to improve Radiation Therapist training by campaigning for a Virtual Radiation Treatment Unit at the Wellington School of Medicine.

The Cancer Society has funded Radiation Treatment Clinical Research on innovative therapies in Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer (Adaptive Radiation Treatments) and Lung Cancer (Stereotactic Body Radiation Treatment) in the last three years. The Cancer Society has backed The Hon. Tony Ryall, Minister of Health’s “faster, more efficient”, radiation treatment initiative and worked with Work Force New Zealand to highlight gaps in the radiation treatment workforce.
The Cancer Society recognizes the major importance of Radiation Treatment in the treatment of cancer and acknowledges how far modern Radiation Treatment has advanced in recent years whilst still maintaining a caring and holistic approach.