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Skilled Professionals Ensure Best Possible Results

Skilled Professionals ensure best possible results

The process of delivering radiation therapy involves an understanding of medical physics, radiobiology (the effect of radiation on cells in the body), radiation safety and the interaction between radiation with other treatments.

Radiation therapy in Australia and New Zealand is delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals who work together to ensure the best outcomes for people with cancer:

  • Radiation Oncologists are specialist medical doctors who have completed many years of training in the management of cancer patients, specifically through the use of radiation therapy. They assess the patient, prescribe and supervise the treatment.
  • Radiation Therapists calculate the specific radiation therapy plan for each person and operate the equipment used to deliver the radiation treatment plan.
  • Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists are scientists who set up, calibrate and maintain the equipment to monitor and ensure the safe delivery of radiation therapy.

This team of Radiation Oncology professionals is supported by engineers, information technology (IT) support, data managers, oncology nurses, social workers, dieticians and other health professionals.


Page last updated: 20/10/20