Resources for GPs

Resources for GPs

The Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer campaign aims to increase awareness of radiation therapy as a highly effective and safe treatment for cancer.

1 in 2 cancer patients would benefit from radiation therapy at some time during their cancer experience, however, less than 1 in 3 patients in Australia and New Zealand receive treatment.

By partnering with GPs and using this website to provide detailed information about the utility, rationale, logistics and toxicities of radiation therapy, we aim to improve understanding about radiation oncology and the care of patients undergoing radiation treatment.

Key Information

About Radiation Therapy for GPs
Information on radiation therapy for GPs involved in a patient’s cancer care.
GP Education Programs

Providing GPs with face-to-face and online opportunities to learn about radiation oncology.

Resources for GPs

Resources and literature to improve knowledge about radiation therapy.

Treatment Process

Learn about patient experiences with radiation therapy.

Patient Questions

Read some of the common questions patients ask about radiation therapy.

Get Involved

Be part of Targeting Cancer to improve awareness, and access to life-saving radiation therapy for all.

1 in 2 patients with cancer may benefit from radiation therapy during their illness.

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