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What Radiation Therapy is NOT

What did you call it? Radiation Therapy, aka Radiotherapy, aka Radiation Oncology – all correct terms which are often misunderstood. Radiation Therapy and Radiotherapy both refer to the actual treatment we use; Radiation Oncology is the ...

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Experts Concerned Men with Prostate Cancer Not Informed of All Treatment Options

Cancer experts and patient advocacy groups are using Men’s Health Week 2017 to highlight the ...

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Westmead Hospital home to world-first SPARK prostate cancer trial

Congratulations to the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre Westmead, the first site in western ...

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer Council Australia have joined forces with Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and NSW ...

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Julie’s Story

Jule McCrossin had oropharyngeal cancer treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy over 4 years ago. She has recovered her speech and swallowing, and is back to her usual busy life. Follow Julie’s treatment journey.

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Videos about Radiation Therapy

This short film, called Targets, showcases radiation therapy as a safe, effective and sophisticated treatment for patients with cancer

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About Targeting Cancer

About Targeting Cancer

1 in 2 cancer patients would benefit from radiation therapy at some time during their cancer experience 1. However, less than 1 in 3 patients in Australia and New Zealand will actually receive radiation therapy 2.

The Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer Campaign is an initiative of the Faculty of Radiation Oncology of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR)*.

The Campaign aims to increase awareness of radiation therapy as an effective, safe and sophisticated treatment for cancer. It is designed to reach people with cancer, their families and loved ones to improve their knowledge and access to this (sometimes overlooked) treatment.

The Campaign also strives to educate health professionals about radiation therapy, in particular, general practitioners. This website is a trusted source of information developed by radiation oncologists who are the medical specialists highly trained in the care of patients with cancer, in particular, where management may involve the use of radiation therapy.

The Campaign team continues to undertake many activities, including the development and delivery of useful resources about radiation therapy, to assist those touched by cancer, now or in the future.

If you would like to find out more about the Campaign, please contact us.

* The Faculty of Radiation Oncology, RANZCR, is the peak bi-national body advancing patient care and the specialty of radiation oncology through setting of quality standards, producing excellent radiation oncology specialists, and driving research, innovation and collaboration in the treatment of cancers.

1. Barton M., Jacob S., Shafig J., Wong K., Thompson S., Hanna T., Delaney G. National & International Benchmarks set following study of delivery of Radiotherapy Services: ‘Review of Radiotherapy Optimal Utilisation Rates’. Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CCORE), Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, Australia, 2013: p6.

2. Gabriel G, Barton M, Delaney G.Does travel distance affect radiotherapy utilisation in NSW and the ACT? Presentation at 2014 Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference.