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Targeting Cancer Management Committee Hosts the First Face-to-face Meeting Post COVID

15 Aug 2023
Targeting Cancer Management Committee

Refreshing the campaign and setting new goals

Targeting Cancer Management Committee members came together at RANZCR Sydney office for the first time after COVID to discuss new ideas and set new goals for the Campaign on 4 August 2023.

Co-chaired by Dr Lucinda Morris and Tuan Ha and composed of eight radiation oncologists from across Australia and New Zealand, one consumer representative, and one Indigenous representative, the Management Committee is excited to kick off the Targeting Cancer website revamp project as the first priority on their work plan. The updated Targeting Cancer website is expected to be more intuitive and user friendly with culturally safe content tailored for cancer patients.

Dr Lucinda Morris said, ‘Targeting Cancer website is an integral and important asset of the campaign, especially in a digital world nowadays. It is due for an overhaul to catch up with the latest technology with increased accessibility so it will be able to continue to provide useful, trusted information about radiation therapy to cancer patients, their families, carers, and healthcare professionals.’

Dr Morris and Dr Ha provided a re-orientation of the campaign, reviewing the campaign strategy and discussing the future direction of the campaign as well as the overall work plan.

At the meeting, the Management Committee members also learned about the critical role of social media in supporting the campaign and explored ways to effectively engage with media to help build the profile of the campaign among general public.

There was extensive discussion about how radiation oncologists could support GP information events to educate and dispel the myths around radiation therapy as a treatment option for cancer. The Targeting Cancer campaign welcomes interested radiation oncologists to contact the Targeting Cancer team for further information to access the extensive support materials which are available. Email: