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Lucas’ Story

Have you ever wondered who this little boy is? Lucas Browne looks like a happy kid enjoying a day at the beach, however he is the poster boy for the Targeting Cancer website for a reason. This is Lucas’s story, as told by his parents Tim and Amelia Browne. In July 2014 , when Lucas […]

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Our first TV Documentary on Radiation Therapy

The Targeting Cancer Campaign team, worked in collaboration with Tonic Health Media (THM) to produce the documentary on radiation therapy called Below the Radar, with the assistance of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR). The documentary shows real patient ...

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Julie’s Story

Julie McCrossin has become an Ambassador for Targeting Cancer. She had oropharyngeal cancer treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy in 2013. She has recovered her speech and swallowing, and is back to her usual busy life. Watch the videos below to follow Julie’s treatment journey, ...

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Abdallah’s story

Abdallah talks about his experience with radiation therapy which relieves his pain, and makes his life easier.

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John’s Story

John Stubbs talks about his personal experience of radiation therapy and his work with cancer advocacy group CanSpeak.

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Wayne’s Story

Wayne talks about the amazing reduction in cancer-related pain he's experienced since starting radiation therapy.

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Radiation therapy is an effective cancer treatment

Evrim’s Story

Evrim talks about being diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant with her first child. After treatment with radiation therapy she has two beautiful daughters.

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Michael’s Story

Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1995. His experience led him to help establish a support group - The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

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Neva’s Story

Neva was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2013. She discussed treatment options with her doctors, including her Radiation Oncologist, and decided on radiation therapy.

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