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Videos about Radiation Therapy


The ‘Patient Pathway’ video below outlines the pathway that a patient will go through when being treated using radiation therapy.

This video shows the roles of each of the specialties in the radiation oncology team including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology medical physicists


Watch this video to find out more about what happens  when the patient is actually having radiation therapy – including what the machine looks like, how it moves and sounds and what the staff will be doing to set-up and deliver the treatment. Remember you do not feel anything when the treatment machine is turned on.

It is like having an X-ray or scan.

This short film, called Targets, showcases radiation therapy as a safe, effective and sophisticated treatment for patients with cancer.

Thank you to our volunteers, doctors and patients who gave up their time to be involved.


Below the Radar,  shows real patient stories about the value of radiation therapy and delivers the campaign messages about safety, effectiveness, cost effectiveness and the sophisticated technologies involved with radiation therapy. Below the Radar was broadcast on ABC News 24 on 6 & 7 February 2016.


Tonic Doco

Episode 1: Real stories from well known Australians who’ve experienced radiation therapy

Episode 2: Latest advances in technology

Episode 3: Misconceptions of radiation therapy

Episode 4: The importance of knowing all your options

Julie McCrossin had oropharyngeal cancer treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy over 2 years ago.

The videos follow Julie’s treatment journey, from diagnosis and treatment to embracing the future.

Part 2: Challenges and what helped

Part 3: Making the Immobilisation Mask

Part 4: Side effects of treatment

Part 5: Recovery

Part 6: Embracing the future

1 in 2 cancer patients would benefit from radiation therapy at some time during their cancer experience.

However, less than 1 in 3 patients in Australia and New Zealand will actually receive radiation therapy.

This video explores how targeted exercise before, during and after treatment can help fight cancer.

Did you know it may double your chances of surviving cancer.

This video aired on Catalyst ABC TV