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Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists

Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists (ROMPs) are experts on the physics of radiation, especially the interaction of radiation with the human body when used to identify the location of and treat cancer. They assess and monitor the safety of patients and staff involved in the delivery of radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy). They work with other members of the radiation oncology team, IT professionals and engineering staff to ensure all radiation therapy equipment and computers are in perfect working order to meet international and national standards.

Like all members of the radiation oncology team, ROMPs conduct regular quality checks on the equipment and software to ensure that the highest quality, accurate radiation therapy is delivered. They oversee safety, assist Radiation Oncologists and Radiation Therapists with the planning of treatments, and are also responsible for ensuring that the equipment is correctly set up and calibrated when it is first installed. They also create, implement and monitor advanced cancer radiation treatment technologies.

It is unlikely that a patient will meet the ROMP during the course of treatment, but their work is essential to ensuring that radiation therapy is safe and accurate.


Page last updated: 01/12/2020