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Radiation Oncology Team

Radiation Oncologists

A Radiation Oncologist is a medical specialist doctor with training in the use of radiation therapy to cure or reduce the symptoms of cancer, and in the overall care of cancer patients.

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Radiation Therapists

A Radiation Therapist calculates the radiation plan and operates the equipment used to deliver the overall treatment plan set out by the Radiation Oncologist. They use advanced technology and imaging to ensure minimal damage to healthy tissue surrounding the tumour.

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Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists

Radiation Oncology Medical Physicists (ROMPs) assess and monitor the safety of patients and staff involved in the delivery of radiation therapy. They work with IT and engineering staff to ensure all radiation therapy equipment and computers are in perfect working order and that they meet international and national standards.

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Radiation Oncology Nurses

Any form of cancer treatment can have a physical and emotional toll on the patient, and Radiation Oncology Nurses are there to support a patient and their carers throughout treatment and beyond.

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