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‘That’s Where We Come In’ Unveiled!

Targeting Cancer is proud to unveil the latest step in its global campaign to promote radiation therapy as a vital and highly effective cancer treatment.

‘That’s Where We Come In’ is a short film which showcases the Targeting Cancer campaign. The film educates viewers about the vital role of radiation therapy, introduces the Targeting Cancer team and its key work areas, and highlights the campaign’s ultimate goal of ensuring that all cancer patients who would benefit from radiation therapy receive it.

Written and directed by the internationally renowned Henry Zalapa, the film urges patients, health care professionals and members of the community to join the Targeting Cancer campaign in spreading the word that radiation therapy is safer and more effective than ever before.

“Sadly, many cancer patients may not be told that radiation therapy could be the best treatment for them,” Targeting Cancer Working and Advisory Group Chair Dr Lucinda Morris said. “Radiation therapy is a highly targeted treatment which cures cancer, as well as relieving symptoms and improving quality of life for patients.

“We see ‘That’s Where We Come In’ as the next pro-active step in promoting radiation therapy as a vital cancer treatment which is more sophisticated and effective than ever before.

“We hope this film will promote the Targeting Cancer campaign and gain more supporters across the globe.


“Since its launch just over five years ago, Targeting Cancer has reached hundreds of thousands people across the globe and helped raise awareness of radiation therapy as a cancer treatment.

“The campaign has made significant achievements so far and we are looking forward to continuing this in the future and help educate both the general public, health care professionals and cancer patients about their treatment options.

“We are very grateful to Henry Zalapa and Cornerhouse Productions for their help making this video and we thank everyone involved for their involvement.”

The video also outlines how patients and health professionals can discover more about radiation therapy by visiting the campaign website,  has comprehensive radiation therapy advice for patients and health professionals.

Two versions of the video are available – the full three-minute video and an edit of approximately 90 seconds.

Targeting Cancer would welcome you sharing the video on your social media outlets.

For more information on the benefits of radiation therapy as a curative treatment option for cancer, click here.