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Wishing Lex and Tricia a very Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is going to be very special for Lex and Tricia, a couple in Mackay, Queensland. They are looking forward to some precious family time, being surrounded by their children and grandchildren for a lovely Christmas meal together. Lex had peg feeding during his radiation treatment journey due to a cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue.

In 2020 when Lex was diagnosed and embarked on his journey of fighting cancer with radiation therapy, it was tough at the beginning. The couple live in Mackay but had to stay in Townsville – a four-hour drive away from their home – for seven weeks for his radiation therapy treatment.

A highly skilled and dedicated multi-disciplinary team including a radiation oncologist, radiation therapists, a medical physicist, speech pathologist, and dietician worked together to provide holistic care.

Lex couldn’t express enough gratitude about the team that looked after him throughout the entire treatment process, including the support in managing the pain and ensuring appropriate nutrition intake.

Tricia said: “The wonderful thing along the way is the people that come along and join our path to support us for every step of the way. We wouldn’t have got through it without the love and support from these people who are just angels and carried us through.”

Dr Madhavi Chilkuri, Lead Clinician and Radiation Oncologist, said: “We have more advanced technology and techniques now than we had in years gone by. We are able to have more accuracy and precision in treatment that can help us maximise the effect of the treatment while minimizing the side effects.”

Twelve months on after his initial diagnosis, Lex had a complete response to his radiation treatment, as Dr Chilkuri commented: “His function has returned to near normal.”

“We’re so excited to have our lives back again. Hopefully, you get to enjoy a full meal, maybe a steak with some vegetables.” Tricia smiled at Lex.
This Christmas is a time for Lex’s family to come home to celebrate his triumph and miracle.

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